March 6 Testimony

March 6, 2012:  Attorneys for SCDC moved the Court late Monday afternoon to dismiss Plaintiff's case on several legal grounds.  Judge Baxley took the motion under advisement and opened the session today by denying that motion, finding that Defendant’s arguments were unpersuasive. 

SCDC then offered the testimony of Yolanda Delgado, Director of Training and Audits.  Delgado testified regarding her duties and job responsibilities, which include compiling monthly statistics related to mental health services, conducting annual audits of mental health counselors, and coordinating mental health training.

During direct examination, Delgado described recent changes to SCDC policies and practices, which she testified have been put in place since she became Director of Training and Audits in 2010 and are designed to track and improve the quality of mental health services and training at SCDC.

On cross examination, Delgado was asked to explain a number of counselor audits that she performed and found satisfactory, but for which there were multiple deficiencies in record-keeping, diagnoses, treatment plans, and provision of services. She was shown examples of repeated audit failures, including one instance in which the entire counseling staff at Lieber failed the audit.

When asked about inconsistencies and discrepancies in Medical Administration Records, Delgado explained that mental health counselors are responsible for monitoring the medication records and admitted there were inconsistencies. She agreed that an inmate could be at great risk if not treated consistently, and that the MAR is vital to providing that treatment.

The trial continues Wednesday at 9 a.m.